Welcome to SK RANs adult learn – to – crawl school!

Our goal is to make you a more efficient and confident swimmer. Your success in the course depends on your ability to keep an open mind. We will challenge what you already know about swimming and teach you from the ground up, the basics in swimming crawl (freestyle).

The courses are aimed towards the beginning triathlete and/or open water swimmer. Fitness swimmers looking to learn to crawl to be able to get more out of their swimming workout and wanna-be Masters swimmers are also welcome!

Our instructors are some of the best and have been educated by some of the best technical coaches in the world. We don’t teach a system of swimming like some other stroke schools. Instead, we help to personalize your swimming stroke through a holistic approach to make you more efficient in the water and to help you achieve your swimming goals.

Crawl course levels Nybörjare – Crawl 3 are offered in six-week courses with a total of 12 practice opportunities. Crawl 4 is a training group that practices two times a week under 20 weeks and is a part of our open water swimming program. During the summer months Crawl 4 swimmers are welcome to join with our open water swim sessions at Ribersborgsstrand.

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Nybörjare (Crawl 0)

Learn to swim 25m crawl and build confidence as a swimmer.

Prerequisite: You don’t need to already know how to crawl. You should be able to swim and have some basic experience in the water and are comfortable with; blowing bubbles, floating, walking in the water, rudimentary swimming. If you can not swim, we recommend that you sign into our adult swimming lessons – Vuxensimskola.

Objective: Swim up to 25m with a rudimentary crawl technique; learn to breathe to the side; knowledge of how the water affects the body’s movement in the water.

Crawl 1

Breakthrough the barrier and swim multiple lengths of 25m and swims of 50-100m. Build a good foundation in efficient swimming technique and build confidence to take your swimming further and farther whether it is fitness, masters, triathlon, or even other water sports.

Prerequisite: You can swim 25m crawl (freestyle) with ease and are comfortable in deep water.

Objective: Swim several 25m repeats and up to 100m crawl with a controlled swim technique; learn to breathe to the side with a body position less than 45 degrees; learn to minimize the body’s movement in the water for more efficiency and control.

Crawl 2

Learn to swim 500m non-stop and stay relaxed and aerobic for an hour-long practice. This level is great for the fitness swimmer or triathlete who is getting started with swimming.

Prerequisite: You have completed both levels 1-2 or can swim 50m or more non-stop with ease and are comfortable in deep water.

Objective: Swim several 25m and 50m repeats and up to 300m crawl with a more fluid swim technique with a more streamlined body position in the water; learn to control your breathing varying your breathing technique.

Crawl 3

Build speed, distance, and efficiency, specifically for longer swims in triathlon and for overall fitness. Refine your skills and ability to stay focused on efficiency.

Prerequisite: You can swim 300m crawl and need more distance in your training to improve technique. You have completed Crawl 1, Crawl 2 or similar courses.

Objective: Swim several 50m and 100m repeats and up to 500m crawl with a fluid swim technique; learn how tempo and swimming strokes are related and can be manipulated for speed and distance; swim simple series with an understanding of start times, interval, and pace.

Öppet vatten förberedelse (Crawl 4)

Build speed, distance, and efficiency, specifically for longer swims in triathlon and for overall fitness. Here we refine your technique to find the best combination of tempo and length in your stroke which will result in faster swimming. Refine your skills and ability to stay focused on efficiency as we swim up to 2000m per session and improve speed on time trials.

Prerequisite: You can swim 500m. You have been swimming crawl for a while but need more of a challenge or need to develop your open water swimming.

Objective: Swim several 100m and up to 1000m; learn how tempo and stroke length affect your overall speed and distance; complete more complicated series with several variables.

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 What’s next?

Join our training group for open water swimming. Regardless of whether you are wanting to compete in open water, train for fitness, compete in a triathlon, or maybe even compete in a masters swim meet, you are welcome to join us.

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