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Simklubben Ran
Vi lär Malmö att simma!

Malmö SwimRun

Simklubben RAN is proud to present the first edition of the Malmö Swim-Run to be held on saturday June 10th 2023. The Malmö Swim-Run is a competition, in which contestants will swim in the 50 meter pool at Segevångsbadet, after which they will proceed to run on a 5K running course over, across and around the roads and paths of the Malmö-Burlov Golf Club.

The Malmö Swim-Run will be open and available to all that enjoy the activities of swimming and running. Events will be held for all ages and all levels, both individually and in the form of relays. 

The following race events are offered:
- Super Sprint: 500 meter swim & 5K Run (individual & relay)

- Sprint: 1000 meter swimming & 10K Run (individual & relay)

- Kids race: 100 meter swimming & 1K run (12 years and younger)

The 16 fastest male an female athletes in the individual Super Sprint event (500m-5K) will have a chance to compete for the grand prizes in our grand Super Sprint Final at the end of the day.

Stay tuned for our competition schedule!

General Registration for Malmö SwimRun now open.
2023-03-09 16:31
General Registration for Malmö SwimRun now open.
Dont miss your chance to sign up before prices increase!
Select your favorite distance and your age group from the Supersprint, Sprint and Kids Race.
A big day with a lot of fun and entertainment awaiting you!
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